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On consensus and Tulips

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The world is built on consensus.

Concepts like ownership, law, money, monarchy, governance etc - they are merely constructs built on this fundamental mechanism.

Said another way: the only reason we can own a piece of land or money has value or the queen is the queen is because a sufficient number of people agree that those things are true. All the mechanisms and norms of society only exist because the majority basically agree they exist.

In an era where our most senior business and political leaders are explicitly calling into question our fundamental institutions of operationalized consensus - or manipulating them for their own greedy and corrupt ends - a new kind of consensus needs to emerge.

That’s why Blockchain technology is so very important.

Being able to turn human consensus into running code and an immutable distributed dataset (e.g a ledger) transforms our implicit rules operated by central authorities into distributed, peer-to-peer operations.

We can now #unbundle consensus from legacy, centralized institutions and put it at the edge.

The implications are profoundly disruptive. For both good and ill.

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// Inspired by the first 10 minutes of “The Crown”. And the stupid comparison of Bitcoin to Tulips.

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Thoughts on Uber's new cultural values

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Uber’s new cultural norms

I’m glad to see the new cultural values at Uber preserve some of the most important aspects that made the company so amazing. Especially “We make big bold bets”.

This new set are a great consolidation of the core themes, clarification of the intent and addition of some empathy of/from/to the original set.

That being said, it's a shame that "Let builders build" and "Optimistic Leadership" were dropped.

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Available for Advisory work

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I’ve set aside some time to work with just a few companies to help them fast-forward to the future.

My areas of expertise include developer platforms & ecosystems, on-demand economy, future of media, data portability and the silicon valley ecosystem. Learn more at

Drop me a line at if you're curious to learn more. Please be sure to include information about what you’re working on and the kind of challenges or opportunities you’re facing at the moment.

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