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I’m a product & startup builder, serial entrepreneur, former Head of Product @ Uber Developer Platform, co-founder of the DataPortability Project and podcaster. I’m an Aussie living in both San Francisco & Brisbane. I’m passionate about supercharging companies around the world and I’m curious about everything.

Specialist areas

In my career I have been a leader in a number of specific fields. I can provide special insights and historical context in these areas. They are...

  • Startups
    I have started, built and run a series of great startups. Most as CEO, all as co-founder. See Linkedin for more details.

  • Product Management and Design
    Designing Minimum Viable Products (MVP), UI/UX Design, Baking in social dynamics etc.

  • Developer Platforms
    APIs, SDKs, Developer Advocacy and Marketing, Building Ecosystems and more. Built a platform from 0 to 85 Billion API calls a month (Echo). Ran Product for the Uber Developer Platform.

  • On Demand/Sharing Economy
    Building two sided marketplaces, managing reputation and trust, marketplace management etc

  • Personalization and the Attention Economy
    Profiling, filtering and matching content/inventory based on a user's behaviors and implicit and explicit interests. Developing UI/UX to involve users in the process and communicate the reasons they see what they see.

  • Future of Media
    I’ve worked with all major media including ABC, Reuters, CNN, AMC, WWE, TechCrunch etc to help them design and build next generation media experiences and monetization models.

  • Enterprise BD, Sales, Strategy & Support
    Building, selling and supporting products into large brands and media companies. I worked with central product and IT groups at CNN, Univision, NASDQ, Disney, UMG, NBCU, Coke, Fanta, AT&T and more.

  • Data Portability
    Inventing, developing and participating in open standards for interoperability between independent services and tools. Implementing user and privacy centric approaches to data retention and sharing. I coined the phrase. Invented Backplane & APML. Particularly important now due to GDPR.

  • Unbundling
    The breaking down of companies, apps and services into more discrete component parts for hyper personalization and disruption at runtime.

  • Silicon Valley
    Fundraising, key players, politics, relationships, logistical and cultural insights, etc).

  • Social Media Strategy
    Techniques for participating in, influencing and leveraging social media to grow new markets, influence thought leaders and drive industry conversations.

Let’s work together

I have some time set aside to work with a limited set of companies on a contract basis. I help them build teams, products, platforms and brands by...

  • Assisting with crafting mission & vision

  • Providing Silicon Valley insights & connections (including influencers & VCs)

  • Interviewing & closing new hires

  • Reviewing day-to-day execution to ensure consistency with long-term vision

  • Reviewing products - particularly as it relates to look+feel+polish, core UX metaphors, social + viral mechanics, retention, monetization, APIs and open standards, and future product plans (roadmap, PRDs etc)

  • Reviewing go-to-market strategy - particularly as it relates to brand, personas, value prop, and future marketing plans (blog posts, marketing collateral etc)

  • Elevating day-to-day team thinking to encourage bigger, bolder, smarter bets

  • Helping them fast-forward to the future

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