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From time to time, I share my thoughts in long form written format.
Here are some of the highlights

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In Silicon Valley we’ve used the term “Unbundling” to describe the phenomena of mobile apps breaking apart into multiple separate apps, each essentially providing more focused, single purpose features. Think of the Facebook app being separated into Facebook + Messenger.

I believe this Unbundling phenomena is happening almost universally across all aspects of life.


40 tips for building a startup after 19 years of success and failure

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve observed a number of “obvious” mistakes that I and others have made — so I thought I’d catalogue as many as I could here so that others might benefit.


Tips and Tricks for Building a Great Developer Platform

As a serial entrepreneur, strategic adviser, former Head of Product @ Uber Developer Platform, Co-founder of Echo (grew dev platform from zero to 85 Billion API calls a month), co-author of APML, and co-founder of the DataPortability Project I’ve spent my career building products that developers love.